Custom Design & Construction

A custom designed and constructed home package is a solution that sits in between the custom architectural and the project home options, offering innovation, flexibility, quality and a project management structure.


  • Builder may not have the expertise to build the final home design
  • Involves considerable time for the design process
  • Typically dearer than the project home option due to improved project management skill, quality of craftsmanship and materials used
  • You may not have enough time for design
  • Failing to obtain council approval
  • Some contracts tie the design to the builder — this should be avoided!


Single point of accountability

Allows you to put your own stamp of originality into your home

Client budget and project cost can be carefully managed throughout every stage of the project

Provides the client with an opportunity to build rapport with the intended builder throughout the design phase

Cheaper than a custom architecturally designed home whilst achieving a similar outcome

Environmental sustainability principles can be maximised at your discretion

The design intent translates from the initial concept through to the final built product

Allows the builder to perform a value engineering process to help you understand the cost implications of individual decisions

Variations are typically minimised as they have been previously considered throughout the value engineering process

Provides the client with flexibility and design customisation - Allows the client to immerse themselves in the design process

Typically provides for a more functional home for personal use - Designed and built to high building specifications

Designed to maximise natural characteristics of the intended land

High quality control processes

Professional project management, contract administration and site supervision

Price Point 

A D&C package can be tailor made to your size and budgetary constraints. The cost to build depends on how bespoke the finishes are desired. Typically, the dollar range to construct is between $1600 – $4500/m2 . E.g. based on a 500m2 home, the house cost is likely to be in the vicinity of $800,000 – $2,250,000* . *This example is provided for illustration purposes only and should not be used as a formal method of quoting. Land price is not included in this equation. step 1 choices


If a single point of accountability, high quality, attention to detail, value for money, flexibility and individuality are your main priorities as well as the price point fitting within your budget, a custom design and construction package may be the right choice for you.

By Russell Garnett


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