Designer Style Bathrooms

A bathroom should be like a small oasis. A place to relax and pamper yourself. Selections should always be timeless and avoid fads that will be outdated in a season.  

30 Luxury Homes

To achieve unparalleled results, Russell working intimately with the homeowner and craftsmen on a daily basis over a period of 12 months. In a house this size, it was important to maintain proportion in both room size and ceiling height.  


Living Sydney

The success of the design owes much to the detailing involved in the ceiling bulkhead treatments. The bulkheads give each room a unique feel and 'wow' factor while maintaining the timeless character of the home. 


Home Design

Though the outside is classical the inside has open-plan living areas that can be as formal or casual as you want them to be. Russell Garnett describes this home as "a carefully blended palette of dramatic Asian and European classical architecture with arduously considered design and intelligent functionality".


A Tropical Oasis in Sydney Suburbs

The relaxed, tropical oasis has been carved into a series of themed 'rooms'. Some carefully positioned to provide an attractive vista viewed from inside the home, others created to offer the ultimate in functional outdoor living. 

Asian Inspired Garden

The prevailing ethos is one of achieving union with nature to retain a sense of who we are and how we relate to the world around us. This translates to a design layout that works with nature, not against it. 

Affordable Luxury Investment

Transforming how you view the humble duplex with high-quality designs that deliver the 'wow' factor. Historically, duplexes have been used as an investment property, but these projects have been also designed to be enjoyed. . 

Home Design Builders

This unique home was built in close collaboration with the clients, who had a clear vision for the property. The clients presented us with a 15-page brief and hundreds of inspiration images they had collected from their travels around the world. 

Excellence in Housing 

The Serenity was the first design in Earth Series. The objective behind the home was to demonstrate a commitment to responsible luxury and a holistic approach to sustainability. 

Master Builders Award

Urban Revolutions  designs work with the natural elements, harnessing the sun, shade and breezes. The designs achieve a 7-star energy rating - above the six stars required across the nation.