Duplex Scenario

A duplex property offering dual rental incomes in Oran Park.

Land Size511m2
Configuration - Unit 14 bed 2.5 bath 1 garage
Configuration - Unit 24 bed 2.5 bath 1 garage
Area - Unit 1215m2
Area - Unit 2210m2
Total Build Size 425m2

Cashflow Positive Income

$5,062.37 (Interest Only Loan)

Equity valued upon completion


Annual Investment yield (year 1)


Tax Benefit Calculator

Stamp Duty$15,290.00
Legal & Acquisition Costs$7,000.00
Construction Costs$721,750.00
GST on Construction$72,175.00
Assessable Asset Base$1,296,215.00
Annual Income$54,527.20
Annual Expenses-$65,728.24
Taxable Loss-$41,701.04
Tax Benefit @ 39%$16,263.41
Nett CASHFLOW$5,062.37


Interest only loan @ 5% for 30 years. Mortgage Insurance does not apply to this scenario. Property costs factor in a 2% vacancy rate, depreciation available only for new properties. Tax refund based on second highest tax bracket (37%) plus Medicare levy of 2%. Calculation based on the first year.

All figures correct as of January 2018. Property availability subject to change. The information on this website has been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of this, you should consider its appropriateness, having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs and if necessary seek appropriate professional advice.


A duplex development is a popular investment option for property investors. It is a great way to manufacture increased equity and property value in a property. This is important as the equity gained can act as your deposit for your next investment. Along with a solid position, a duplex offers multiple income streams which mitigates risk, there is high demand and are set at an attractive price point for renters.





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Manor Homes & Maisonettes

Manor Homes and Maisonettes are the next generation of multi dwelling residential development options permissible in Sydney. This new form of development will allow up to 4 dwellings on a single property.

If you are looking to further increase your development returns and rental yields on properties as small as 600m², watch this space and/or give us a call.

Boarding House

(NGBH) is a property investment type seasoned for property investors. This type of development offers accommodation suitable for singles and couples.

There are strict designs, planning, construction, financing and property management criteria for this form of development, which requires extensive expertise. 

If you are considering this form of development, ensure that you have an experienced team to support your introduction to this attractive Investment Class.

Micro Villas

An evolution in high quality and high amenity affordable housing in a communal environment.

Created and developed exclusively by Urban Revolutions, Micro Villas are designed to provide an affordable and innovative living experience for people in a socially responsible and environmentally sensitive way. If you want to know more about investing in this new investment class, register your interest here.

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