There are an abundance of fantastic products and innovations currently available to the new home market that make substantial contributions towards improving our environmental footprint. Sadly, there are at least as many products profiteering from false promises by using any kind of "green" label or slogan to market products or services that offer no real environmental or consumer benefit.

We also recognise that making greener choices needs to make financial sense and that it shouldn't result in a compromise in your living standards. After years of research and development we believe that we offer a new home solution that makes a measurable and positive impact on the environment, the quality of your home, your lifestyle and your bank balance over the long term.

What's in the Guide?

Through years of experience we have identified nine problems people should resolve when they are planning to build a new home. 

This guide provides answers to these frequently asked questions about the cost of living, family health, thermal comfort, quality and the environmental advantages of a sustainable home. 

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