Winner of the Excellence in Housing Awards 2013

Design by Orientation

Unlike other builders, UR Sustainable homes are designed specifically for solar orientation to provide optimal natural lighting, heating and cooling benefits. This means you have a home that is designed with your block in mind from the beginning, requiring less customisation and offering maximum appeal, usability and energy efficiency.

Let us show you what a huge difference this will make to your lifestyle and the value you will receive with your UR Sustainable home.

Quality & Durability

You needn't make any compromise by making environmentally sound choices. With a UR Sustainable Home, sustainability becomes a by-product of the quality of our design and the materials we use. You will notice that our quality sets new standards in customisable homes with longevity that can't be matched.

Your UR Sustainable home will still look and feel new long after our competitors products are in need of upgrade, repair or even replacement.


We believe that affordability of a new home has to encompass value throughout its entire lifespan and is not just about what appears "cheaper" upfront. You also need to know exactly what you're paying for and what you'll be getting without hidden surprises.

Our homes are built to last for generations and also remove the need to trade houses every few years to keep up with your changing lifestyle. This enables you to receive the full benefit of your choices and will reduce your long term costs, whilst ensuring the maximum appreciation of your property value.

When taking a comprehensive review on cost and affordability we encourage you to consider:
  • Life cycle
  • On going maintenance costs
  • Running costs
  • Quality of inclusions
  • Initial outlay

  • Innovation

    We are constantly at the forefront of the market searching for the latest innovative products and materials, leading technologies and construction practices that we can apply to contribute towards the longevity, efficiency, sustainability and future proofing your home.

    Total Site Planning

    Unlike most builders, we consider and offer a total site planning approach, which will provide you with substantial overall savings. We carefully prepare and plan out all aspects of your entire building site upfront, even including the excavation for drainage and landscaping, not just the building footprint.

    Thermal Mass Balance

    The intelligent placement of walls, windows and open spaces in our designs encourages climate balance, using the homes own thermal mass for natural heating and cooling control. In summer the heat takes longer to radiate through the wall and floor mass keeping you cooler and in winter heat is retained and released slowly keeping you warm.

    Efficiency & Lifecycle

    A UR Sustainable home is built to last. Longevity is a consideration in every one of the materials and home fixtures we use including heating & cooling, glazing, energy management and lighting. For example, the LED globes used in our lighting are guaranteed not to fail for 3 years with full labour and parts replacement included and they save around 74% in electricity costs when compared to the equivalent halogen globe. Ask us about other premium warranty offerings in our home packages.

    Changing Family Dynamics and Lifestyle

    We understand that the family unit is changing and evolving. We therefore design our homes to encourage:

  • Family bond
  • Privacy and dignity
  • Security
  • Affordability

  • Children are often staying at home until their late twenties and multi-generational living is becoming more common as families are required to even accommodate a third generation (grandparents or grandchildren) under the same roof.

    At UR Sustainable we have a range of homes that cater for a multi-generational family dynamic with designs that allow for privacy through separate retreat areas.

    Personal & Family Health

    Is your home making you sick?

    Many of the materials used in newly built homes contain high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP's) which may have serious long term health effects. The concentrations of VOC's are up to ten times higher indoors and both VOC's and HAP's can be found in standard paint, carpets, kitchen cupboards and stone bench tops

    Our carpets and reconstituted stone bench tops are petro chemical free, our paints meet the maximum VOC content compliance criteria in IEQ11 of the Green Building Council and our kitchen & bathroom cupboard doors and joinery are virtually emission and VOC free.

    We continually look for ways in which we can make our homes healthier by using products that further reduce HAP's and VOC's. This means a reduced chance of your home causing respiratory and allergy problems and a healthier family as a result. And we know you'll love that.

    (You can learn about these chemicals on the EPA website here: VOC and HAP)

    Intelligent Landscaping

    As part of the Urban Revolution group we have our own award winning landscaping team in house. Your UR Sustainable home can have a well planned, thoughtful landscape design. It will minimise the reliance on watering, assist with shading, cooling and even warming of your home and will have consideration for your ongoing upkeep.

    That means improved living comfort, less time working in the garden and more time enjoying it.
    Design by Orientation